A Prayer For The Journey

Life with God in Jesus Christ is a gift and it is a journey. Home exchanges can help remind us that this is so. The following prayer was included recently during worship at our local church. It is one of those wondrous and blessed gifts that attend the simple gathering together with other Christians for…

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My Voting Values

More Than Just Blending In

God wants me to value my Christian faith enough to talk about it and act upon it. Photo: My Voting Values by onyxkatze is licensed under CC by 2.0.

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3D Green Energy

Become A Green Traveler With A Home Swap

When we go on vacation, our home sits empty. While away, it is easy to worry about the empty house—water leaks, mold growing, the failure of the furnace or air conditioner to keep running, adequate home security by the security system or alert neighbors. All the usual expenses for our home arrive each month and…

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